junglecode is teaming up with Bay Area leaders FSOUND and 4REAL to bring you an extraordinary experience.

MAIN STAGE: |DNB| Hive (violence,LA), Tech-Itch (techitch,UK), MC Armanni Reign (metalheadz,PHILLY), 4REAL (shelter,SF), DRUM ONE (bbs,NYC) |DUBSTEP| Breakage (digital soundboy,UK), The Others/D-Code (tempa,UK), KOZEE (redline,SF), Axiom MC (shelter), Audio Angel (compression) |LIVE ELECTRONICA| Beatropolis (beatropolis.net,SF)

UPSTAIRS: |DUBSTEP| DJG (narco.hz,SF), Kozee (redline,SF), Ultraviolet (redline,SF), |DNB| 4REAL (shelter,SF), DRUM ONE (bbs,NYC), TOUCHPHONICS (mezzanine,SF), THE HEIGHTS (shelter,SF), JET (junglecode,SF)

30,000watts of Sound provided by FSOUND, w/ Video Projection, mix, and documentation by Mr. TIK TAK!

Limited discounted tickets available only online at groovetickets.com .

Friday, November 7
Fat City
11th Street, San Francisco