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Digital aka Steve Carr is the primary musical moniker this Ipswich based producer is known exclusively for his “old skool beatz” and “dubby B-lines” but a short conversation and a little investigative listening indicate this is one producer likely to pull a few seriously weighty tricks out of the bag. Digital has been involved in music all of his life, particularly reggae. Main influences being from his father having run a sound system for about thirty years. His musical tag & skills come from his knack at tampering with electronic equipment from the early age of fourteen. From about 1989 to 1991 Digital was busy “running around playing reggae” with sound systems, till the fateful period when “all this rave business crept in. Around 1991 the scene started to grow heavily in Ipswich and the surroundings areas. Digital started hiring out his sound system to various promoters having raves in and around Ipswich, this is when he started checking out the scene and its music.

1991 was also the year Digital met Danny.C. The two eventually joined forces to produce Split Personality’ for Certificate 18 under the guise of Authorized Riddim in ’94. Steve got to know Rupert Parkes, best known as Photek, around town in Ipswich who helped him get underway on his own studio. His first solo release was Touch Me’ on Timeless Recordings in 1995 but it was the phenomenal Spacefunk” also on Timeless that really showcased his talents alongside tracks such as Down Under’ on Metalheadz that put his name firmly on the map. To follow was a host of releases for likes of Moving Shadow, Photek Productions and Creative Source.

In 1998 Digital teamed up with friend & Producer Duncan Busto a.k.a. Spirit and set up Phantom Audio . It arose from the desire to have their own base where there was no set musical agenda. Their debut release, Phantom Force’ has already found a prominent place in the sets of DJs as Grooverider, Fabio, Goldie, Storm, Randall, Andy C, Hype, Ed Rush and Optical alongside a whole host of others. Phantom Force’ has caused a huge demand and has become one of the most played tracks of 1999, 2000 and is still receiving play to this day in 2004.

Digital & the Phantom Audio sound has formally made its mark in the drum and bass circle with the appearance of ‘Crash’ on the Renegade Hardware LP ‘Armageddon’, and reworks of Guardians Of Dalliance Transient’ also Loxy & Ink’s Airlock’. Featured on the Movement Perpetual Motion LP One Ton’, Eaze Off’ & Remote Control’ + Phantom Force’(P.Audio), the mighty Metalheadz Platinum Breakz LP Vol’s 1, 2 & 3 & the Legendary limited Edition Enforcers Vol’s 2 & 3 on Reinforced.

Digital was working non-stop throughout 2000/01 in & out of the studio launching the Function Label that released the almighty Waterhouse Dub’ , as well as delivering the massive D’n’B smash Deadline’ for Doc Scott’s imprint 31 Records, also releasing singles on Creative Source, Reinforced, Chronic, Renegade Hardware & Hype’s imprint Global Thang. In mid-April 2002 Digital set-up the Timeless Music Group with long-time friend and business partner Brillo. Handling all forms of label management for 11 independent D&B labels, then went onto release his debut LP Dubzilla’ on imprint label Function 10 tracks of pure D’n’B, 8 cuts in his own true imitable radicalized dub-fashion + 2 cuts from the Phantom Audio label partner Spirit. In mid November 2003 Digital & Brillo joined forces with investors to launch the L.O.A.D. Media distribution co that has a current roster of 30 labels: Timeless / Function / Salmonella Dub (dub conspiracy)(nz) / Good Looking & Looking Good (uk)/ Freak (uk) / Science Fiction /Uprising (nz) / Phantom Audio / Intasound / Cyanide (nz) /C4C & C4C Ltd too name but a few!

In 2004 we saw a string of new releases by Digital himself, check out the mighty “Ego” on Renegade Hardware, “Cheek / Crazy Girl” on Marcus Intalex’ Soul:R and the painstakingly beautiful reggae track “Get Away” on Ireland’s Bassbin.

As well as the Production/A&R/Label Management Digital has been DJ’ing heavily for the past 4 years taking his sounds & styles all around the UK: Fabric (Prototype – London), The End (Renegade Hardware – London), Bar Rumba (Movement – London), World Dance (London), Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh & Glasgow (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales) & UK Festivals Homelands, Creamfields, Global Gathering, also Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy (resident events with the Red Bull Music Academy), Bulgaria, Hungary, Belgium & France.

Digital also featured at the following European festivals: Dance Valley, Amsterdam 2001 & 2004, Impulz (Holland) 2002. Touching down in the USA, Puerto Rico the heading off to Japan also touring New Zealand in 2000 with DJ Storm (Metalheadz). Continuing to return and support Friends Salmonella Dub in 2002/03/04 wit DJ support for their many tours throughout New Zealand also hooking up with them in the studio remixing tracks from their platinum selling LP projects Outside the Dubplates (2002) & One Drop East (2003) then onto organizing to distribute and manage their product worldwide @ L.O.A.D. Media .

Located @ El Rincon [16th & Harrison SF]
18+ , Full Bar & Restaurant , 10pm – 2am
DATE: FRIDAY, OCT. 19, 2007

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