First Drum & Bass Mix for 2007

Here is another studio mix from our prolific junglecode selecter DJ NOAH (aka Noah Krause.) DJ NOAH has been making his mark in the SFBay Drum & Bass scene the old-fashioned way–through honest hard work! His track selection is diverse and his mixing is on point.

Download (MP3 format)

Here’s the track listing:

break-catch off
liftin spirits & bonecrusher-solstice
ed rush & optical-dna
gridlok & el hornet-hollywood
moving fusion-the beginning(keaton & hive remix)
spl-can’t live
current value-excellence
black sun empire & noisia-winter war
gridlok-watching us
alix perez & sabre-recession
d-bridge & fierce-nevermore
funky technicians-tuff guy
brookes brothers-someone
blame-inside heart

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