>Inneractive Spirit

junglecode crew would like to thank DJ Spirit for blowing the roof off Phuturo last week. He played an excellent mix of his own dancefloor-smashing anthems along with some wickedness we’ve never heard before. A solid 2-hour set!

DJ Spirit is moving Inneractive Music in a big way with a brand-new web site and fresh beats. The new site is a work in progress and is sure to evolve over time (as Spirit himself has done effectively.)

junglecode tip: If you like hearing music on myspace.com, be sure to download the latest Flash Player 8. The audio and video quality is much-improved in the new player and should reduce the buffering times.

>Digital & Spirit in San Francisco

The SF jungle scene is about to get a dose of some very heavy drum and bass from none other than acclaimed producers Digital & Spirit, making an appearance at Phuturo in November and December. Both of these artists have individually, and in collaboration as Phantom Audio, pioneered the sound we now associate with UK Drum & Bass. Don’t make the stupid mistake of missing either of these artists as they come into our neighborhood. Let’s show them a proper welcome at Phuturo on November 15 and December 6. See you there!

A very special acknowledgement is in order for SF’s own DJ Juju for keeping Phuturo running for the last 7 years and bringing these monumental artists to San Francisco.

>Big Bud in San Francisco

junglecode crew would like to thank Big Bud for providing an excellent night of melodic drum and bass to San Francisco on November 5, 2005. This was his first SF appearance and he did not disappoint. We look forward to meeting him again in the near future. If you ever get a chance to see Big Bud play out, please do so without hesitation.