>An exclusive jungle mix from DJ Search One

>Wow! Another jungle DJ mix recorded at the junglecode studio last May. You’re in for a real treat this time. This one is an exclusive set from DJ Search One of San Francisco, California.

This set is all killer and no filler! Try this link first, if it doesn’t work, use this one. (MP3 format)

DJ Search One has been part of the junglecode crew since we started back in 1998. A true junglist from the heart! He is currently making and breaking waves in Hilo, Hawaii. We hope to have him back in San Francisco in time for the Summer Sessions at Ocean Beach. I’ll post up the party info when it gets warmer. Bring the firewood!

1 thought on “>An exclusive jungle mix from DJ Search One

  1. >From new york city and that mix was tight as hell! do you have anymore mixes i can here or download and can you tell me other djs that have that same groove just like that set? hOOK ME UP

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